Ginos, my old friend

As far as I know, Ginos was the first pizzeria to open in Waterford city.  Around twenty years later it’s still going strong.  Other pizza places have come and gone.  The generic franchises have made their mark, but Ginos is still there, where it always was, doing what it always did.

They make pizzas and they make ice-cream and they do them well.  Simple.

It’s a place that’s full of good memories for me.  When I was a kid it was a treat to go there with my family.  When I was in my teens I hung out there and ate ice-cream with my friends on Saturday afternoons.  When I was in my early 20s it was a good place to go on a date.

I’ve neglected Ginos on my last few visits home to Ireland (which means I haven’t been there in years) so on my most recent trip a long overdue catch-up was in order.  I went there for dinner with two of my bestest friends from school with whom I used to have the aforementioned Saturday afternoon ice-cream hang-outs.

Barely anything in Ginos has changed.  They’ve extended it a bit since it first opened but the decor is still the same.  The same pictures still hang on the walls.  Amazingly, none of it looks dated.  I thought they might have expanded their menu, added some pasta dishes or something like that, but nope, still the same, printed on the same menu cards as always.  The staff are still relaxed and friendly dressed in their jeans and white Ginos t-shirts.

I had a quattro formaggio with pepperoni and a huge chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.  I thought they would give me one scoop of each flavour but they gave me two of each.  I left stuffed, but happy.

Ginos is a great example of keeping things simple, of deciding if you’re going to do something to do it right and of realising that if something ain’t broke don’t try to fix it.

One thought on “Ginos, my old friend

  1. was great to have pizza and a catch up with you xx

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