About Leah

Journalist, Brisbane

My name is Leah Carri.

I’m a freelance writer and media type person.

I’ve recently returned home to Ireland after almost 8 years living in Australia – in Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. I’ve been a regular contributor to the West End Magazine in Brisbane for 3 years. My writing has also appeared in The Big Issue, Tiger TalesScene Magazine, Irish EchoThe Thousands and more. I have extensive experience in radio (mainly with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and have also worked in P.R. and film.

This blog acts as a portfolio of my published work, and a place to share other bits and pieces of things that make me happy.

I’m an appreciator of art, design, fashion, film, food (preferably cooked for me by others), music I can dance to, theatre, comedy and quirkiness. I also love to travel and will get on a plane at any opportunity.

I called my blog “Leah’s Home”, because I’ve moved house many, many times in my life and it occurred to me that even when my residential address changes, my web address will stay the same.  I like that!  No matter where I am, and no matter where you are, you can always visit me here.


(Photo by Darlia Argyris)