T-bay is for tea…

…and coffee, and hot chocolate, and toasted sandwiches, and muffins, and hiring wetsuits and surf boards if you’re game enough to brave the icy waves.  Which I’m not anymore, by the way, despite my friend Eimear’s best efforts to get me in the water. Ausland has turned me soft.  But in my defence, the Irish sea is at its coldest in springtime.  It’s had the whole winter to chill.

T-bay is Ireland’s oldest surf club (est. 1967) and is home to a collection of photos and memorabilia detailing the sports history in Ireland.  They also hold exhibitions and when I was there recently had a great collection of photos by local photographers on display.

Their cafe is a great place to hang out.  It has a fantastic view.  The staff are always friendly.  And there’s a sunny atmosphere even when the weather isn’t co-operating.

If you ever find yourself in Tramore I recommend checking it out.


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