West End Girl

Many people start blogs when they go travelling.  I’m starting one on my return.  I’m just back from two months in India with my wonderful husband and have relocated to Brisbane.  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for awhile and a new start in a new city seems like the right time to do so.  You can read a bit more in the “About Leah” section.

We’re living in the West End area of Brisbane.  Above are a few photos from my new home suburb snapped while humming that Pet Shop Boys song.  Look at the GIANT chai I got in the Three Monkeys cafe.  I thought they’d mixed up the orders and brought me a soup my mistake.

India was amazing, by the way.  If you’re contemplating a trip there yourself I’m more than happy to share advice, tips and recommendations.

See you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “West End Girl

  1. Where do I find the hand-crafted chess pieces?

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